Nsight Graphics unable to profile GPU with GTX970


I cant’t profile the GPU (shader pipeline timings etc.) with my GTX 970, both on Ubuntu 19.04 and Windows 10.
I always get the error where it tells me to set up the permissions properly (which I did according to the guide on both OSes and I run it as sudo/admin on both systems to be sure) or that I can’t profile on my GPU (Which I doubt).^

I would appreciate some help very much.


Based on my brief testing here, I think Nsight Graphics 2019.3.0 has some GPU-specific problems with accessing the performance counters.

  • With a GTX 1080Ti installed, Nsight Graphics can access the Performance Counters with no problems, and Range Profiling works well.
  • If I swap in a RTX 2080 non-Ti (nothing else changed), then Nsight Graphics cannot access the Performance Counters, giving me the usual permissions error.
  • When I swapped the GTX 1080Ti back in, Nsight Graphics could access the Performance Counters again.

Since I’ve been doing GPU profiling lately, you can guess which GPU I have installed.

My setup here:

  • GPU: GTX 1080Ti / RTX 2080 non-Ti
  • NV Driver: 430.86
  • Nsight Graphics: v2019.3.0.0 (Build 26379168)
  • OS: Win 7 SP1

And the GPU Performance Counters access method used:

  • NV Settings -> Developer -> Manage GPU Performance Counters -> Allow access to the GPU peformance counters to all users

This recent thread post by sschneider explains the error accessing Performance Counters on the RTX 2080 non-Ti:

Re: OpenGL Application: Profiling not available on this GPU or ERR_NVGPUCTRPERM: Failed profiler permiss…

Dark_Photon is exactly right. The error message is misleading right now (we are fixing in the next release). Additionally… you will probably be quite happy with one of the features we have coming out on Monday. :) Stay tuned.

I can confirm that the 2019.4 Range Profiler is able to access the perf counters on this RTX 2080 non-Ti now (as advertised in the 2019.4 Release Notes).