Nsight hijacking keyboard input?

I’m using Nsight Graphics Version 2018.5.2.0
I’m new to Nsight, so i apologize for my ignorance. I can’t find this in the docs, but here’s my issue:
I need to be able to use the our in-game console to start a match before profiling the frame.
However, Nsight seems to be keeping me from using the keyboard as an input to our game application.

Is there something i’m doing wrong?

Hi Jake,

Thanks for using Nsight Graphics!

When you are in game with Nsight Graphics injected, there is a software cursor that will come up and signify that nsight will trap keyboard input. If you hit Ctrl+Z and then try to bring up your console, will it work?

What is the key you use to bring up your internal console?

Also, which graphics API are you using?

Lastly, there is a new version of Nsight Graphics (2018.6) that you may want to try. I don’t think there was anything in the 2018.6 release related to this potential issue, but just in case.