NSight Import Project: No CUDA-compatible devices detected

I just got my Jetson board and did all of the install with the JetPack. I am trying to figure out how to remote build applications using nsight. I created my first project and attempted to import a project and in the basic settings page I get the message: No CUDA-compatible device detected.

I suspect I am missing something and will keep searching to figure put how to put it all together.

Is there a tutorial somewhere that shows the steps to get the first project working?

I think this is generally considered to be a good resource:


Hi to everyone.

I’m using cuda 5.0, cuda 5.5 and now cuda 6.5 and I’ve used all vesions without problems less the last one.

It seems like the nvidia 840M of my laptop is not able to run any example. All the cuda samples compile, but it does not run.

I’ve generated a log file using nvidia-bug-report tool and the output is in http://www.ugr.es/~mgarenas/nvidia.log.gz.

Moreover, Nsight say No cuda-compatible device detected, but the nvidia-settings say that the nvidia 840M is there, I hope you can help me.

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (119 KB)

I forgot to say that I’ve not found any solution in the forums for my case.