Nsight on Ubuntu


I would like to debug my kernels, I work on ubuntu and I installed Nsight.

When I launch the debug on my example, Nsight tell me :

fatal: All CUDA devices are used for display and cannor be used while debugging. (error code = CUDBG_ALL_DEVICES_WATCHDOGGED(0x18)

The problem is that my display cable is plugged on my motherboard. Is there a way to disable my graphic card to display and only use my motherboard to display?

Hi xav12358,

Could you tell me more about your configuration, you use desktop GPU or mobile board?

If you have more than one GPU, you can set CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES=x to let the debugger use non display gpu, or you can simply use software preemption to debug it, but sw preemption is just a beta feature for Nsight EE.