Nsight opens all shaders when launching graphics debugging

I’ve installed nsight and I’m using VS2010 to debug a DX program. The program has quite a few shaders, however when I launch graphics debugging, nsight will proceed to open a window for each shader it finds which will be a few thousands and make VS unusable. Is this a known problem? How can I prevent this behaviour?
I’ve also I tried VS2012 and for the first couple of runs it didn’t have the same behaviour, however now it does the same.

Hi omicronix,

Is there a possibility that these shaders were opened previously during a debugging session? It’s possible they are opened when the UI layout is switched to debugging.

What other Visual Studio plugins do you have installed, if any?



Hi Jeff,

The shaders were not opened from a previous session (the first time around, the subsequent times although it doesn’t reopen a tab for each one, it will still focus each tab in turn as it loads them in). Most of the shaders appear to come from debug symbols since they aren’t really compiled from files on disk but in memory so the file name is something like Shader@0xabcd. Also they appear to open after nsight outputs some “Shader loaded : XXX XXXX XXX” message. I have a few other extensions installed but I don’t think any of them would know how to access shader symbols. The ones I have installed are: Visual Assist, Productivity power tools, VS2P4, and some PS4 ones.


Does disabling any of those extensions affect it? It’s interesting to know since in the past we have had certain Visual Studio plugins and extensions conflict with Nsight’s operation.

Hi Jeff,

I’ve disabled the other extensions and installed 3.2 and I still get the same behaviour.
So I’m leaning towards thinking this is a behaviour that Nsight has implemented somewhere.
Nsight is a great tool but this is really preventing me from using it effectively.


Is there any news on this? I’m almost 100% sure these windows are opened by nsight, if I kill nsight monitor it stops opening windows. On any large scale project with 1000s shaders this effectively kills VS by opening too many windows.