NSight setting WS_EX_TOPMOST flag randomly but frequently on VS2017 and 2019

So this is an issue that has been plaguing me now for about a year. The symptoms are that when entering a graphics debug session for an OpenGL app in VS2017 or 2019, NSight will tag the visual studio window with the WS_EX_TOPMOST flag. I can fix this with “Window Detective”, but its only temporary until nSight tags it again.
In effect, I cannot task switch between any other windows on the same monitor due to this flag since Visual Studio is now rendering on top. These symptoms do not occur when running the app without doing an nSight debug session, only with nSight does it do this.

I have submitted a bug report about this previously, but understandably, there isn’t much information to provide and it seems to be elusive to reproduce on other machines. I can reproduce it consistently and I can provide remote access to my machine if it would help as this problem is very aggravating. I’d try to reproduce it on OS’s other than Win10, but everyone on my team is running Windows 10.

I’ll give you whatever support or information necessary to reproduce or assist in this issue.

Linked is an image showing the offending flag.

Shawn Simonson