nsight support for Pascal

When an RC with support for 1080 is expected? Is it possible to get a non-public preview?


Hi, Nsight for Pascal is still under developing, actually there is no stable build for Pascal now, we are trying our best to complete the feature

Hi,Harry Z

When 1070/1080/1060 or how about 980Ti 750Ti and so on?

I need to another graphic card recently.


Hi An,

The latest Nsight 5.2 should support Pascal now, maxwell and kepler cards are always supported.

Best Regards

Wait An, you require shader debugger for Pascal cards? Shader debug only supports kepler cards, 750Ti is a kepler card.

Hello Harry_z,

I use driver 375.70 10/28/2016,Nsight 5.2 RC to debug my shader on Pascal 1060.But it can’t be supported.Do someone know which version has Pascal 1060 been supported?

Nope, AFAIK shader debugger only works with Kepler cards now, we are still working on the shader debugger for Maxwell and Pascal but I’m not quite sure the detailed plan.