[Nsight Systems 2022.5.1.82] Public key authentication not working on macOS


There seems to be a bug on the latest version of Nsight Systems that is causing public key ssh authentication from a macOS host to a GNU/Linux server to no longer work and always ask for a password. I’ve confirmed that connecting from a GNU/Linux host to the same server still works as expected.

This post by @moon0903 might be related even though I have no problems with 2022.4.1 or older versions.


@Andrey_Trachenko ? @ztasoulas is this what you were looking into.

I think these are separate issues, the issue I was looking into was not related to authentication.

@Andrey_Trachenko then.

Thank you @nmnobre for reporting this issue. We’ll look into it and come back to you.

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@nmnobre If possible, could you send me a direct message with the output from the command ssh -vv username@host to help us determine the issue?

If there is any confidential information from the output you could hide them, we just need the general output about the key type and authentication methods.

The issue remains with 2023.1.1.