Nsight Systems on Windows cannot open report file

Cannot open nsys report generated from Jetson AGX Orin on Windows Nsights Systems 2022.2.1.

I keep getting this error stated here and I am not sure what the issue is. I have verified that I the latest version of nsight systems.


I have also attached the report file in question
report5.nsys-rep (779.7 KB)

Thanks for the report Pranav. Can you please help confirm the version Nsight systems you are using to collect the trace?

I am using NVIDIA Nsight Systems version 2022.2.3.16-dc64487 on the AGX ORIN.

Thanks for the clarification Pranav. This indeed appears to be an issue on our end. We are working on a fix for the same and will share an update shortly.

Thank you!

Hi Pranav, We have an updated version of Nsight Systems available for download that should be able to open this report. NVIDIA Nsight Systems | NVIDIA Developer

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