Nsight Systems with anaconda on windows doesn't work

I want to profile a pytorch script. I have anaconda installed on windows and I run nsight sytems with the parameters “command line arguments” as “C:\Projets\my_project\run.bat” and working directory is “C:\Projets\my_project”
then I click on “Start” and after a few seconds, the profiler don’t show anything relevant, the stderr tells me that I have an error when importing the ssl python library.

However, when I run run.bat from the command line, everything works fine (not importing error).

My run.bat is the following :

call C:\Users\rodol\anaconda3\Scripts\activate.bat
call conda activate myenv
C:\Users\rodol\anaconda3\envs\myenv\python.exe my_python_script.py

@dofek can you assign someone to look into this?

Will look into it and post my findings

Hi Rodolphe!
Sorry for getting back to you after such a long time.

Sadly I was unable to reproduce what you describe, I would like to get more information in order to try again with more details.

Please share with me the details of how you attempt to profile using nsight systems.
Specifically, what features are turned on? what do you want to profile in your profiling session?

If possible, please share with us how you created the conda environment, what python version are you using?
If possible, please share your python script that is giving the import error.

Many thanks, and sorry again for being late on this.

This should be fixed with Nsight Systems 2024.4.1.