Nsight Systems with anaconda on windows doesn't work

I want to profile a pytorch script. I have anaconda installed on windows and I run nsight sytems with the parameters “command line arguments” as “C:\Projets\my_project\run.bat” and working directory is “C:\Projets\my_project”
then I click on “Start” and after a few seconds, the profiler don’t show anything relevant, the stderr tells me that I have an error when importing the ssl python library.

However, when I run run.bat from the command line, everything works fine (not importing error).

My run.bat is the following :

call C:\Users\rodol\anaconda3\Scripts\activate.bat
call conda activate myenv
C:\Users\rodol\anaconda3\envs\myenv\python.exe my_python_script.py

@dofek can you assign someone to look into this?

Will look into it and post my findings