Nsight Tegra 3.4 with 1R6u1 ---Unreal Android Debug How to show local FString Debug info

I’m using codework 1R6u1 with Visual studio 2015, using Nsight Tegra 3.4 try to debug an android project.

I’m connect a android phone, making the apk with DebugGame option,deploy the apk to the device,then i use vs2015 with DebugGame-Android Configuration, when debugging the breakpoint is hit, but the local variable can’t show any useful information, local variable with FString type in a function always “Unable to evaluate the expression”,but int32 shows correct, i even surround the code block with PRAGMA_DISABLE_OPTIMIZATION Macro, but not working. How do i property use android debug the code with type like FString to show useful debug message? Please Help Me Out!


I suggest checking the actual assembly instructions and DWARF debugging information generated for the function in question - objdump or GDB can help with that.
Unfortunately, you haven’t provided any information on the compiler and NDK distribution.
These seem to be outdated, so try NT VSE 3.5 paired with NDK r15c and see if newer Clang compiler and GDB works better in this case.