Nsight - terminating failed

I’m using Nsight for programing. I ran my program and it terminated for some reason, but I didn’t get any error messages, so I re-ran it in the debugger. It got to the point of the failure, so I wanted to terminate it (I pressed the button for termination at the top of the console window). After that, I got a message “Terminating failed”. I pressed the button for termination again (the one on the top of the window), and this time, I got a Progress information window with “Terminating the application” and it keeps working for several minutes (I kill Nsight before the end, since it doesn’t seem to work).

Does anyone have any suggestions? Could I have done something in my program to cause this, or is it possible that the problem is with Nsight?

NSight will send the terminate command to the debugger and the debugger may take some time to respond based on the state of the program. The terminate button from the console view should not take longer as it will directly kill the program.

Please try the plugins https://docs.nvidia.com/cuda/nsightee-plugins-install-guide/index.html as you can install them on Eclipse 4.7 and some of those issues are already fixed there.