Nsight --trace can not trace cublas and cudnn ... in windows10

D:\SandBox\LearningGPUbyDoing>nsys --version
NVIDIA Nsight Systems version 2021.3.3.2-b99c4d6

D:\SandBox\LearningGPUbyDoing>nsys profile --trace=cuda,cublas C:\Users\ZQO9SZH.conda\envs\carla\python.exe ex_tf2onnx2infer\trtdotengine2infer.py
WARNING: CPU sampling requires administrative privileges, disabling.
Illegal --trace argument 'cublas’
Possible --trace values are one or more of ‘cuda’, ‘nvtx’, ‘nvenc’, ‘opengl’, ‘opengl-annotations’, ‘vulkan’, ‘vulkan-annotations’, ‘dx11’, ‘dx11-annotations’, ‘dx12’, ‘dx12-annotations’, ‘wddm’ or ‘none’

usage: nsys profile [] [application] []
Try ‘nsys profile --help’ for more information.

if cublas or cudnn is not included in the trace option, above script could run through and a *qdrep file will be generated.
Seems cudnn and cublas are not supported in this windows version.
Could anyone help to check that ? Thx!