Nsight Visual Studio Edition 2019.4

I’ve recently installed this after using RenderDoc for awhile, its nice to see there is an alternative that can be integrated inside my IDE of choice.

After installing the latest version and reading that Visual Studio 2019 is supported I quickly ran the graphics debugger and captured a frame of my application only to find that the API inspector and Scrubber (basically any window offered by the Nsight tool) doesn’t show anything.

I was curious and re-targeted my solution to Visual Studio 2017 and went through the same process and viola! I could see all the details of my application in the API inspector, the scrubber was functional and everything worked.

So I came here to ask, is there a problem right now running Nsight inside Visual Studio 2019? Or have I simply missed something?

You may have better luck with the latest version of Nsight Graphics.

Graphics Debugging & Frame Capture has been removed from NsightVSE.

You can now use Nsight Graphics.
This stand alone tool can be integrated into Visual Studio with
NVIDIA Nsight Integration