Nsight Visual Studio Edition 2022.1.1 does not get a dedicated menu item in Visual Studio 2022

According to the screenshots published in the official announcement post and in the official NSight Visual Studio Edition download page, after installing Nsight Visual Studio Edition 2022.1.1 there shall be a new “NSight” menu item in Visual Studio.

After installing Visual Studio Community 2022 (version 17.1.0) and installing Nsight Visual Studio Edition 2022.1.1 (build 2022.1.1.22006) I get the Nsight menu item under Extensions, but there is not top-level Nsight item in Visual Studio.

Is it a bug?

It’s not a bug, this is how Visual Studio works now since an update in VS 2019. You can still get extensions on the top-level main menu but you have to take some manual steps:

  • Right-click on the main VS toolbar, then click Customize...
  • Select the Extensions Menu tab.
  • Under the Menu items in the Extensions menu tab uncheck any extensions you would like to appear in the top-level main menu instead of the Extensions menu.
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Great, this works for me, SOLVED!

Thank you Elton.