Nsight Visual Studio Edition 2023.3 not working with RTX A4000

I am trying to use the Nsight debugger with a .NET 6 project in Visual Studio 2022 on a workstation with dual RTX A4000s, but I get the following errors when trying to run the Nsight debugger. I installed the latest driver (546.12) and Cuda 12.3 as the Nsight 2023.3 required those (as shown in the nvidia-smi output below). Is the RTX A4000 just not supported? If it truly isn’t supported, what is the reason and is there a roadmap for adding support since the Ampere architecture is only a couple years old at this point?


Hi, @kbusche

RTX A4000 is supported by Nsight Next-Gen Debugger. I found a RTX A4000 and it works with latest cuda package.

Can you please check if CUDA sample run properly on your machine?

I ran the CUDA samples and the Nsight debugger was able to break inside of kernels. However, I’m still having troubles with debugging my project (a .NET 6 project C#/C++ project) with getting the same errors.

Thanks for trying CUDA samples. Is it possible to share your .NET project for us to reproduce ?

Hi, @kbusche

Has your issue been resolved yet ?

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