Nsight Visual Studio, not all HUD components are visible


Some time ago (few months) after regular update of Nsight HUD Graphs[1] and green FPS panel had disappeared and haven’t been appearing since that time even in last version. All functionality of Frame Debugger works good, HUD Controls[2] also visible and functional.

Shortcut V (Hide of show HUD components) doesn’t help.

Any ideas what is wrong on my system?

[1] HUD Graphs - http://docs.nvidia.com/gameworks/index.html#developertools/desktop/nsight/hud_graphs.htm%3FTocPath%3DDeveloper%2520Tools%7CDesktop%2520Developer%2520Tools%7CNVIDIA%2520Nsight%2520Visual%2520Studio%2520Edition%7CNVIDIA%2520Nsight%2520Visual%2520Studio%2520Edition%25205.2%7CGraphics%2520Debugger%7CHeads-Up%2520Display%2520(HUD)%7C_____1
[2] HUD Controls - http://docs.nvidia.com/gameworks/index.html#developertools/desktop/nsight/hud_controls.htm%3FTocPath%3DDeveloper%2520Tools%7CDesktop%2520Developer%2520Tools%7CNVIDIA%2520Nsight%2520Visual%2520Studio%2520Edition%7CNVIDIA%2520Nsight%2520Visual%2520Studio%2520Edition%25205.2%7CGraphics%2520Debugger%7CHeads-Up%2520Display%2520(HUD)%7C_____2


I’m sorry for the problem you met, please provide more information for investigating the problem:

  • do all HUDs disappear?
  • Nsight version
  • GPU, OS, driver info

If all HUDs disappear, maybe you can delete the setting file under the path C:\Users\test\AppData\Roaming\NVIDIA Corporation\Nsight, then launch VS and app again.


Hi Letitia,

After deleting of setting files and reinstalling nSight everything works perfect!

Thanks for help!