nSight VSE Debugger

Extension not loaded - obsolete API (Visual Studio 2019)

This is a known issue for update 1 of Visual Studio 2019, it will be fixed in the next release. For now you should be able to work around it by following the steps in this blog post:

I uninstalled NSight completely but the extensions is still present in VS and I still get the obsolete API message.

How do I completely uninstall this extension manually from VS?

Try this:

  • Close all instances of VS 2019.
  • Go to the VS 2019 installation folder. For example, C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2019\Professional, depending on your SKU.
  • Go to the Common7\IDE\Extensions sub-folder.
  • Look for an NVIDIA folder under here and delete it.
  • Open a VS 2019 command-prompt and run 'devenv /setup /nosetupvstemplates'
  • Re-start VS 2019 and check if it's removed.

Please give this a shot and let us know how it goes. Thanks.

There was no NVIDIA folder in the Extensions folders of VS2019. But running “devenv /setup /nosetupvstemplates” fixed it. Thanks! =)

This worked for me with VS2019 Community, however I had to run the command prompt as administrator because I was getting “The operation could not be completed. The requested operation requires elevation.”