Nsight with C#/.NET: Allow AnyCPU/MSIL (with Prefer 32-bit)


Currently working on Xenko (C#) game engine (http://xenko.com)

I know .NET is not officially supported by Nsight, however, in practice it happens to work well for us, providing us lot of meaningful info.

However, we have one small problem with it:

  • If .exe application is compiled in MSIL (aka “Any CPU”), it complains it can’t work (Unable to launch XXX.exe because architecture type is MSIL)
  • If I switch it to x86, it works; however, this is not a practical solution for us (for unrelated reasons we also want this .exe to be loadable by a 64 process as a plugin so it needs to be AnyCPU/MSIL)

Could you please remove this AnyCPU/MSIL check (and only block on x64), or even better, also check the additional “Prefer 32-bit” flags when it is AnyCPU/MSIL before throwing the exception?

If you do so, we would be able to use “Prefer 32-bit” with “Any CPU” (MSIL) platform.

Note that “Any CPU” & “Prefer 32-bit” is the default when you create a project with VS2015, so it would also make it work right out of the box for all those people using SharpDX/OpenTK in C#.

Thanks and keep up the great work!

I’d like to second this request.

seconds too.


Thanks for your feedback.
I am not sure about the plan or schedule, but I will take a track for your request and let you know if there are some update.