NSightt 5.5 , VS 2013, Cuda Toolkit 7.0

I just installed NSight 5.5 to debug a VS 2013 application which uses Cuda Toolkit 7.0.
Does that work (seems so), or do I need an older NSight version for Toolkit 7.0 ? If so, which one ?

I debugged an executable. The strange thing is that cuda-memcheck command-line tool reports an error in a kernel, whereas NSIGHT Debugger (with ‘memory checker’ enabled) does not report an kernel error. How can that be ?

Officially Nsight 5.5 doesn’t support cuda 7.0, using latest nsight for old version of cuda is always a bad idea, nsight 4.5 should work, just maybe because you have to install the 347.12 driver. But it seems that nsight 5.5 can work with cuda 7.0 on your computer, if there is no critical issue, I think you can keep it :).

For cuda-memcheck, please attach the error log, maybe it’s just incompatible with nsight attach error.