nsys CLI flush data periodically


nsight-sys has an option to set a period for CUDA trace flush. Can this be done with nsys profile?


Hi Uri, I think you actually got the answer through a different path, but in case anyone else has the same question:

To control the flushing of CUPTI buffers, in the target-Linux-x64 directory, create a file named config.ini. In that file, add the following line;
“CudaFlushIntervalNs = xxx”
where xxx is the number of nanoseconds when CUPTI buffers are flushed. The default is 10000000000 (aka 10 seconds, flush the CUPTI buffers every 10s). If the value is 0, the CUPTI buffers should only flushed at the end of the collection (new buffers are created if necessary instead of reusing existing buffers).