Nsys doesn't dump .sqlite even after using --export

Running NsightSystems on ubuntu as below:-

nsys profile -f true -o profile --export=sqlite -t=cuda, nvtx path_to_binary

Importer error status: The importer binary and its dependencies were not found.
Unable to retrieve the importer version: skipping importation of the QDSTRM file.

Is there a way to get nsys to print more info about why it failed?

Hi kartikeyashivigoyal,

nsys is looking for the binary QdstrmImporter, to convert an intermediate file into the .nsys-rep report. Having the .nsys-rep file, the sqlite file can be created.

The binary (QdstrmImporter) should come with nsys installation.
How did you install the tool? Do you have multiple versions of nsys installed?

Thanks ztasoulas! Adding QdstrmImporter fixed my issue. I did have multiple nsys versions.

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