nsys-exporter to json not dumping names

Please let me be the first one to thank you for nsys-exporter. The json output is really useful!

And, although I realize that it is still considered beta, I would be more than happy, if a future update would also dump the names of threads (if there are names) and the names of called runtime library functions.

Thanks in advance!

I’ll file the request. Glad it is helping you. We are hoping to add some “sqlite recipes” to help people extract their own choice of data as well.

Do you have news about “sqlite recipes”?

In the 2020.2 release (which went out ~2 weeks ago) there is a new CLI command that can take an existing .qdrep result file and generate various statistics about it, spitting them out in whatever format you prefer.

Currently the web documentation is lagging the product, but if you get the new version and type “nsys stats --help” you should be able to work through all the available options.

We are working on better documentation of the schema of the sqlite and options to make it easier to write your own as well.


And with the 2020.3 release (about 1 week ago) the “nsys stats” documentation is now included in the web documentation.

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