Nsys: Failed to load report ... Unexpected exception [solved by update]

Hello all,

I’m trying to view on my Windows 10 machine an nsys profile produced by an application on Cori GPU. Unfortunately I am unable to load the profile due to the following error:

Failed to load report from: C:\Users\Chris Kelly\ncu_benchmarks\cori_gpu\run_benchmarkMFcontractKernel\nsys_profile_32pow4.qdrep Unexpected exception: e:\buildagent\work\20a3cfcd1c25021d\quadd\host\analysis\clients\reportfile.cpp(235): Throw in function void __cdecl QuadDAnalysis::ReportFile::verifySections(bool)
Dynamic exception type: class boost::exception_detail::clone_impl
std::exception::what: Exception
[struct QuadDCommon::tag_error_text * __ptr64] = Readonly section follows a non-readonly section.
[struct QuadDAnalysis::tag_report_file_name * __ptr64] = “C:/Users/Chris Kelly/ncu_benchmarks/cori_gpu/run_benchmarkMFcontractKernel/nsys_profile_32pow4.qdrep”
[struct QuadDCommon::tag_section_name * __ptr64] = Profiling Preset Data

I have tried regenerating the profile and encountered the same error.

On Cori GPU I’m using
nsys --version
NVIDIA Nsight Systems version 2021.1.3.14-b695ea9

to generate the profile and, on my Windows machine,
NVIDIA Nsight Systems Version: 2019.3.7.5-3837e03 Windows-x64.

to view the profile.

I’ve attached one of the offending profiles.

I’d appreciate any help you could provide.


nsys_profile_32pow4.qdrep (1.1 MB)

EDIT: Despite the Windows app (v2019.3) claiming that it is the latest version when I clicked “check for updates” through the help menu, it turns out there are more recent versions available from NVidia’s website. Upgrading to 2021.3.1 appears to have fixed the issue.