Nsys profiling features

nvprof has some features that are still not available in nsys such as --system-profiling.
These do not work on CUDA 8.0 devices. Is there a way around this?

The --system-profiling option on nvprof turned on/off power, clock, and thermal profiling.

Nsight Systems does not support profiling these items yet, although we have gotten a couple of feature requests for power consumption analysis.

CUDA 8.0 is pretty old, what GPU do you have? You should be able to use the legacy profiler as long as the GPU is not too new.

Thanks a lot.
I meant CUDA compute capability 8.0.
I am using CUDA 11.4

@Sanjiv.Satoor is there a version of nvprof he can use?

Yes nvprof is not supported on compute capability 8.0 and later GPUs.

To get power, clock, and temperature data you can run “nvidia-smi dmon” in another window. For more details, please refer to the nvidia-smi documentation.

Yes. Thanks a lot. Already knew that.
The nvprof option is much better though for capturing application/kernel temperature and power.