Nsys-view format specification

Our CI pipeline generates multiple .nsys-rep files artifacts (using Nsight with MPI): I would also like to automatically generate a corresponding .nsys-view file to make it easier to open in Nsight. Is there a command line utility I can use to do this?

If not, it looks like a fairly simple JSON format, is there a spec for it (e.g. what is the uuid field? is product-version required?)

    "extension": "nsys-view",
    "files": [
    "product-version": "2022.2.1.31-5fe97ab",
    "uuid": "{ba8c67ec-46dc-4b7b-b297-187023e0a392}",
    "version": "1.0"

The following seems to work:

ls *.nsys-rep | sort -V | jq --raw-input --slurp 'split("\n") | .[0:-1] | {files: .} + {"extension": "nsys-view", "version": "1.0"}'