Nucleus Cache Error : address ('', 8891) already in use

I tried to solve the error about 8891 port is already in use because the nucleus workstation’s cache stopped by the error.
The command “lsof -i” shows that the 8891 port is not used.
Could you have any idea to solve it?
The cache’s log is below.
Cache.log (177.1 KB)


Hello @hijikata_M! Port 8891 is usually associated with the Cache.

With the Omniverse System Monitor running, go to http://localhost:3080/ then click on the Configure Ports button. You should be able to set your port config there.

Hi @WendyGram !
Thank you for your response.

I tried to change port but it is not changed.
My computer was used to try previous Issac Sim. So I think old Nucleus is running background.

I reinstall Ubuntu and Omniverse because I cannot get how to uninstall old Nucleus.
Now I can use Nucleus normaly.

If the Omniverse has problems and old Omniverse without Launcher was used at one time, the OS may be wanted to try reinstalling.

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