Nucleus doesn't work failed to execute script _main_

nucleus doesn’t work failed to execute script main
notebook 3060rtx laptop. win 10

launcher.log (70.7 KB)

@utaem2016 i am just another OV user trying to assist. which script are you trying to execute? i am not familiar with the main script you mentioned in the initial post.

based on the log provided, there are indeed a few errors. from what i can tell, it looks like there’s connection issues to the nucleus services and account. do you mind taking two screenshots for the purpose of troubleshooting?

  • Nucleus setup - go into the Nucleus tab inside of OV Launcher and screenshot what you see. here’s an example of mine:

  • Omniverse System Monitor - go into the Settings menu via the hamburger icon and Settings

    once there, make sure all services are shown as Running with green checkmark (see below)

aside from these, i am not too certain about the user name and whether Russian is recognized. i’ll defer to the mods/devs on this. also, where are you located? i’ve seen users not able to use Omniverse due to them being inside of the conflict zone(s).

Thank you. I’m geographically in Kazakhstan. I don’t use VPN.

“settings” doesn’t work. firewall is turned off

i see. thanks for providing these! there are a few variables i am suspecting being the issue but i cannot say with 100% certainty. it’s probably best to wait for the mods/devs to provide further assistance.

@utaem2016 , can you please validate that running hamburger menu->Launch doesn’t fix this issue?
You may need to do also Add Server after this, which would be localhost

If this doesn’t work, please check if this actually installed properly. This is usually installed %LOCALAPPDATA%/ov/pkg/nucleus-workstation-2023.1.0 and make sure this all installed properly. You should see several directories and should be ~380MB.

If these don’t work, please try and uninstall, and reinstall again.

@dlindsey just asking for my own benefit - do you know whether the OS user name set in Russian would cause any conflicts with OV? i recall seeing the log representing a long string of number and letters in place of the OS username and not sure if it could attribute to download/installation issue?

dont work.


deleted with “launcher-cleanup”. does not work

I install the entire omniverse on drive F:\Omniverse\OV\pkg
this also doesn’t work, but there are files in the folder.

i understand. despite setting the paths (content, data, and cache) to an external location during OV Launcher installatilon, the “key” files would still go into the local/appdata folder under user/C drive (under the folder named ov). and that’s one of the potential causes i have suspected but require confirmation from the mod.

and seeing it empty from your screenshot confirms that the installation probably wasn’t successful. and what i saw in the log could help explain why that happened.

According to your logs you tried to install with an Internet Disconnection…
[2023-11-14 03:24:49.623] [error] Error happened during the update: Error: net::ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED

Please uninstall your apps and try again with a strong internet connection all the way through the install

dont work((((

new log -
launcher.log (70.2 KB)

It must be a problem with Nucleus. Can you zip up all of your logs in “C:\Users\USER.nvidia-omniverse\logs”. If it is a large zip file please upload with dropbox or gdrive or some form of large file transfer.

Do you have a firewall on ? Virus software ? Please uninstall all Nucleus, turn off all firewalls and virus software and then reinstall.

@utaem2016 if uninstall isn’t working, please shut down Launcher (make sure to quit from the system tray as well), delete that Nucleus 2023.1.0 directory, and try reinstalling.