Nucleus doesn't work failed to execute script _main_

no. internet good working. wifi good

dont work((((

Ok so now I want you to install USD Presenter, USD Composer, USD Explorer and CACHE and see if all of those three things installs corrrectly. Forget Nucleus for now. It is not essential. This will determine if you can actually install apps. Make sure all four of those install and run.

dont install USD Presenter

dont work(

Well as I suspected, this is not a Nucleus problem, this seems to be a global install problem with OV. It is possible that your chosen installation folder is LOCKED and it not allowing any installations. You need to make sure your “c:/users/USER” folder is unlocked and able to be used. If not try another installation location.

The other issue it could be is that your USERNAME has special “non English” characters which may not be allowed under our installation system.

Could you try to make a brand new fresh Windows User account and just use simple characters, like “test” or “new” and then install OV launcher fresh. This may be the issue.

We’ve looked into the problem, and we currently cannot support install paths that contain UTF-8 characters.

We recommend installing Nucleus Workstation to a user account that has uses standard characters.

This is something we are looking to fix in the future.