NUCLEUS failed to start

I wanted to start Issac sim, but when I clicked start, it didn’t start. So I went to see if the NUCLEUS was switched on. Its status shows STOPPED. When I click start,status changes from STOPPED to RUNNING, to error, and finally to STOPPED.

I later updated the NUCLEUS to version 2022.4.2 and still couldn’t start.
Same thing with Cache.

So here’s the log of NUCLEUS:
Nucleus.log (18.8 MB)

here’s the log of Cache:
Cache.log (8.4 MB)

This morning I uninstalled NUCEUS and reinstalled it. it can start now. However, the issac sim still cannot be started.

NUCLEUS cannot be started again. I just uninstalled issac sim and reinstalled it. But when the omniverse was restarted, the NUCLEUS wouldn’t start.

here’s the log of NUCLEUS:
Nucleus(1).log (19.8 MB)

Now I know the reason. The nvidia driver cannot be used because of an automatic system update. So the issac sim cannot be run.

Did you manage to run?


Can you tell me more about this?

ISSAC SIM runs successfully.

I type in the command: nvidia-smi on the terminal. Found my nvidia driver was not running. So I solved the problem. Then the ISSAC SIM can run.

Although the state of the NUCLEUS is still STOPPED, I can access the contents of the NUCLEUS. So I let it go.

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