Nucleus R8 Released!

Nucleus R8 Workstation has been released for both Windows and Linux, available on the Launcher today!

Workstation Release Notes:


  • Nucleus Core 110.2
  • Authentication Service 1.0.5
  • Discovery Service 1.1.1
  • Search Service 2.0.5
  • Snapshot Service 2.0.5
  • Tagging Service 2.0.8
  • Thumbnail Service 1.3.1
  • Web Service 2.2.11
  • System Monitor 3.0.4

Top New Feature(s):

Other Update(s):

  • OM-21977: Support for AI generated thumbnails
  • OM-22520: Update image thumbnails in the web browser
  • OM-25996: Update the lock icon in the content tree of Nucleus Web
    image image
  • OM-22519: Sort items case INSENSITIVE in content browsers
  • OM-24221: Added an icon to the toolbar for showing current uploads

Bug Fixes(s):

  • OM-24836: Download and upload queue still visible after logging out from Web UI
  • OM-24644: Nucleus log in error for users with dot (.) in their name
  • OM-19764: access denied for user on localhost server
  • OM-19765: no user folder created on localhost server when new user is registered
  • OM-22902: service API: remove_file_from_ds_ignorelist() returns OK when attempting to remove path that’s not in the blacklist
  • OM-22903: service API: build artifact is in an incorrect namespace (see first comment)
  • OM-23098: ov-rc’s data conversion: after conversion and fresh server startup, 2548 “delta server notifications”
  • OM-28842: Release Notes Missing for Nucleus Workstation on Collaboration Tab
  • OM-23240: omni.verifier does not work when paths are specified in a relative manner
  • OM-22772: 110.0: port 3008 is not opened
  • OM-22104: 110.0: Meta/Content conversion issues tracker
  • OM-22103: 110.0: 107.6 Connection Library can’t talk to this server