Nucleus search dosn't work

Hey Mona,
Please ensure your Nucleus is up to date.
If so, and you’re still experiencing this, I would recommend you terminate Kit either through your task manager or by clicking the drop down for more icons in your taskbar (near the sound settings) and right click the Omniverse icon, then click Exit. Then relaunch Kit and see if it works.
If that doesnt resolve your issue, locate the Omniverse icon in the drop down again and go to Nucleus > Settings > and click Restart All.
Please let me know if any of these resolve it


Hi Ashley, thanks a lot for your response. I downloaded it today on a fresh workstation with no prior Omniverse installed.

Screenshot from 2023-10-30 16-00-55

I closed and opened the launcher and still same error:

also I don’t have a restart all option in Nucleus → Settings

Hey @mona.jalal,
Thanks for sharing. However, I believe you are looking in the wrong location for exiting Kit and for settings.
Please see this video for where to locate the Exit option and Nucleus > Settings