Nucleus service appears to be unresponsive - Windows

Hi there, I haven’t been able to get Nucleus to function and am getting “The Nucleus service appears to be -unresponsive. Please check…” message. Running on Windows 10 with the latest RTX drivers.

-I’ve followed the troubleshooting and read all the previous threads about this issue
-Omniverse System Monitor is running but upon clicking “settings” nothing shows up in the browser for localhost:3080
-I have tried using the clean up tool mentioned in other threads, starting over, doing a clean install, etc, and I haven’t had any success
-One other thread did mention making Chrome the default browser (which it wasn’t on my workstation), so I tried that and very briefly Nucleus looked to be working, but after a restart it hasn’t worked again since.

Attached are the logs. I’m no IT person, but looking at the launcher log it clearly looks like there’s a few issues (that I have no idea how to address).

Thank you for your help!

launcher.log (56.7 KB)
logs.txt (22.0 KB)
nucleus-setup.log (5.1 KB)

Hello @user122729! I have forwarded this to the dev team. I hope to hear back shortly!