Nucleus service appears to be unresponsive - Windows

Hi there, I haven’t been able to get Nucleus to function and am getting “The Nucleus service appears to be -unresponsive. Please check…” message. Running on Windows 10 with the latest RTX drivers.

-I’ve followed the troubleshooting and read all the previous threads about this issue
-Omniverse System Monitor is running but upon clicking “settings” nothing shows up in the browser for localhost:3080
-I have tried using the clean up tool mentioned in other threads, starting over, doing a clean install, etc, and I haven’t had any success
-One other thread did mention making Chrome the default browser (which it wasn’t on my workstation), so I tried that and very briefly Nucleus looked to be working, but after a restart it hasn’t worked again since.

Attached are the logs. I’m no IT person, but looking at the launcher log it clearly looks like there’s a few issues (that I have no idea how to address).

Thank you for your help!

launcher.log (56.7 KB)
logs.txt (22.0 KB)
nucleus-setup.log (5.1 KB)

Hello @user122729! I have forwarded this to the dev team. I hope to hear back shortly!

Hi Wendy, just wanted to check in and see if there are any other steps I can take to get this working? Thanks!

hello @user122729 -
Can you run a power shell and issue the following command? Must run as admin:

Get-Process -Id (Get-NetTCPConnection -LocalPort 3333).OwningProcess

I installed windows powershell and ran that command (as admin), attached is the result. Apologies, I’m not in IT or Dev so let me know if there’s another step I should be taking. Thanks!

hello @user122729 - This is what i was looking for. Wanted to see if another app on your system was taking port 3333. This is not the case, so will need to spend some more time on your issue.