[Nucleus] The user's newly created account has administrator rights

  1. We find that by default, the accounts created by users after they get the server IP have administrator rights, but we don’t want these accounts created by users to have administrator rights. How to avoid the behavior of users creating their own accounts? We want to create accounts and invite users only through administrators. Because the account created by users themselves will have administrator rights, which is very dangerous.

  2. How to erase accounts that are no longer needed? Not disable account, is delete it, make it disappear.

Hi @oizac!

I absolutely agree with you. We don’t want every user account to have admin access. Have you looked over our User Management documentation?

Also, you should be able to remove/delete a user by clicking the delete icon next to the username in the “Assigned Users” list.

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Thank you.
Once users can access your server they can join by clicking the “Create Account” button.
After our repeated tests, users will get administrator rights after clicked “create account”. I think it should be avoided.
Is it because of an error that occurred after we installed nucleus on Windows Server 2016?