Nucleus & Version Control

The notion of working on live data & collaboration sounds great, but I’m wondering about things from the version control side of things, like…

  • how do you prevent multiple users from altering the same usd or creating opinions at the same level … is there any file-locking mechanism?
  • how do you handle the situation of someone deleting file(s) by mistake
  • I suppose branching can be done via USD opinions, can such be forked and “pruned” … I suppose what I’m asking about is USD’s “localize” … are features like this expected to have gui eventually or is it anticipated that a TD or admin will be using terminal commands and scripts to accomplish this

I’m sure there are lots of little questions like this, but ultimately it comes back to “what is my safety net and confidence level?”

Hello @kelly.snapka! Thanks for reaching out. Here is some information that may help answer your questions about Nucleus.