Number of nodes limit


In the reopt ipynb demo (found here), it is mentioned that no route information is returned if the supplied problem has over 1001 nodes. Is this something that is to be addressed in the future, or is there are recommended solution on working around this? Thanks in advance!

Hi, thanks for reaching out. This is an artificial limitation of the trial version. ReOpt was tested on much larger cases. How many nodes do you have? Overall scalability varies depending on the hardware and parameters. Some users choose to partition (geo partitioning or time partitioning). This typically comes with a better total run time but a negative impact on accuracy. Thanks!

Hi… In the cuOpt description, when it says “Scale Seamlessly: Scale out to 10,000s of nodes to facilitate computationally heavy use cases. …”
How much longer will it take to release this limitation?, and will the unlimited version be under a paid license?



The pricing process is still underway. We will update the announcements section when we have more information.


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