Number of SPIs?


I’m considering the TK1 / Jetson for a project, but I need multiple SPI interfaces. From the documentation I’m not sure how many master SPI interfaces the TK1 has, and if these are all accessible on the Jetson TK1 board.

The TK1 reference manual (TegraK1_TRM_DP06905001_public_v03p.pdf) shows 6 SPIs in the block diagram
The TK1 data sheet (TK1_Embedded_DataSheet_DS06472001v04.pdf) says only 2 SPI controllers
From what I can see only one SPI is wired out on the Jetson TK1 board, in the touch screen header.

Would appreciate if someone could confirm the number of SPI interfaces on the TK1, and how many of those are accessible on the Jetson TK1 board.


TK1 does have 6 SPI interfaces.
BTW, I didn’t find the incorrect description from data sheet, can you point out the location(which page?)?

Thanks for the TK1 info.

In the tk1 datasheet on the downloads site, pg. 3, under heading peripheral interfaces, it says 2 x SPI interfaces.

Here the download link,

Still would like to know how many of the 6 SPIs are accessible on the Jetson board. From docs it only appears 1 is available.

Sorry, I misunderstood your meaning before.
For TK1 chip, we have 6x SPI controllers, but for Jetson board, we only connect 2x SPI interfaces out for external usage. One is for touch screen, and the other is for SPI ROM.
You can get layout information from the schematic.