Number of supported sensor entries 0

Hi Everyone,

  1. I’m trying to use the gstreamer plugin v4l2src on Xavier to capture usb camera stream, and it’s ok.
    gst-launch-1.0 v4l2src ! autovideosink

  2. But, when I running comamnd like nvargus_nvraw --lps, output like this:

nv@linux:~$ nvargus_nvraw --lps
nvargus_nvraw version 1.14.0
Number of supported sensor entries 0
Entry Source Mode Uniquename Resolution FR BitDepth Mode
Index Index Index CSI Dyn Type

  1. In order to use libargus, I also tried nvargus camerasrc and multimedia demo, but the error is almost the same as nvargus_ Nvraw.

  2. log files
    dmesg.log (73.7 KB)

Please help to check it.
Thanks in advanced.


as developer guide mentioned, Argus NvRaw Tool

Argus NvRaw (nvargus_nvraw) is a Bayer raw command line interface (CLI) capture tool for the Jetson platform.

nvargus_nvraw does not support with usb camera stream, you’re neither using nvarguscamerasrc to access to it.

hello Jerry,

Thanks for your reply.
You mean libnvargus does not support yuv sensor?
Whether I use nvargus_ NVraw or nvargusscamerasrc can’t work properly, right?
I want to be familiar with how to use libargus in the existing environment (only yuv senosr).
Do you have any other suggestions?

that’s correct. please see-also Camera Architecture Stack for details.

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