NV 20.9 failing on C++ code that uses <cmath>


I just updated to version 20.9 and one of my C++ codes is failing:

“MHDDataSet.cpp”, line 94: error: identifier “M_PI” is undefined
const double M_2PI = M_PI + M_PI;
“MHDDataSet.cpp”, line 115: error: identifier “fmod” is undefined
scaleValue = fmod(getScale(pDimIndex, i) + cfg.periodicOffset, M_2PI);

In the code, we have:

This code has never had this issue with any previous NV/PGI versions or with Intel/G++.

Has there been a standard change or special library flag change?

My compile line is:

nvc++ -O3 -I/opt/psi/nv/ext_deps/deps/hdf4/include -I/opt/psi/nv/ext_deps/deps/jpeg/include -I/opt/psi/nv/ext_deps/deps/zlib/include -c MHDDataSet.cpp

  • Ron


False alarm.

For some reason - when I logged out and back in again - it works now.

You can delete me post if you want.

  • Ron