NV Codec Decode SDK, Decoder producing no output

Hello All,

I have a Capture task written using FFmpeg as a demuxing source and NV Codec SDK 9 as the HW accel decoder.
I am experiencing an issue where by a specific RTSP feed will demux and connect successfully. However when the packet is passed to the NvDecoder no errors are produced and no handlers are called either.

The process works for other cameras, rtsp, udp and video files. However this specific H264 feed fails to produce any decode output, albeit good or bad.

For reference the rtsp feed is generated by a AXIS Q2901-E PT Thermal Camera.

Any thoughts or advice from anyone is greatly appreciated.

I have the same problem as you. To fixed this problem you have to get extradata from demuxer, then decode it to get video stream information:
I modified NvDecoder.cpp as follow in NvDecoder constructor to resolved this problem:

But I had another problem. Can someone help me solve this problem.
This code can run smoothly in debug mode. But when I switch to release, my application is exception when call NVDEC_API_CALL(cuvidParseVideoData(m_hParser, &seq_pkt)). The input variable pDispInfo is NULL when function NvDecoder::HandlePictureDisplay(CUVIDPARSERDISPINFO *pDispInfo) is callback.

Any thoughts or advice from anyone is greatly appreciated.