NV p100 and usb display card can not work together

My system is ubuntu 14.04, for the hardware, it has both NV p100 GPU and usb display card, but I find the usb display card will not work. If I forbid the NV p100 GPU driver or unplug/plug the usb display card, the usb display card will work and the screen can output image output. so I think this issue is due to NV P100 Linux driver has conflict with the USB displaylink drivers. can you give some suggestion about how to fix it?

This is an edge case which is not handled by ubuntu’s nvidia-drivers, nvidia for compute only and video on a different gpu. To get this working, carefully(!!)

  • uninstall any nvidia packages
  • download latest .run installer package,
    run the .run installer with options
    –no-opengl-files --dkms
    If it complains at any step, don’t force it.
    This installs only the parts needed for compute but not those for graphics. You will have to take care of driver updates yourself.