Nv_queue CPU usage

I notice a process taking up CPU that I did not notice before: nv_queue. It seems to oscillate around 20%, with lows of about 5% and spikes in the 70% range. From what I have read in various forums, this is abnormal and the issue has been fixed. I am unsure why I am experiencing this issue now (I did try upgrading drivers a while back, and an external event triggered a reboot which led to an unstable system: I have just upgraded packages and things are now back to almost normal).

I am a complete newbie when it comes to GPUs, and I use this computer for the CPUs rather than the GPU. I have two monitors plugged in, the nvidia driver version is 470.129.06, and I am running Ubuntu 18.04.6. The computer is a Dell which apparently has 2 GPUs: a Quadro GP100 and a Quadro P620. I am aware that this info is likely insufficient but I do not know what is needed in this situation. Thanks for your help!