Nv TT 2020 - Import Transparency as alpha missing?

I’ve just tried out the new NVTT plug-in for PS 2019 and I’m glad that this great toolset was updated. However, one key feature that is unfortunately missing is import settings. The old tools (and the Intel tools) allows for loading Transparency as an alpha channel, which is extremely helpful if not required in certain scenarios as well as loading mips separately. Am I missing something? I cannot find any documentation.
If not, could those feature be implemented in a future update please? I have to rely on Intel’s toolset instead in the meantime, and they lack so much features that even the old NVTT had - it’s too bad having a brand new version that does so much lacking a really basic feature.

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Thanks for the report - loading the alpha channel as a channel other than transparency is probably one of the most requested things we’ve had in the new plugin! I’m working on this today, so it should be in the next version soon!

It’s also good to get the request about loading mips separately - this might be in a future version, since I might change how it works relative to the previous version (e.g. the previous version loaded all of the mips as part of a single texture, but maybe now loading mips as separate layers is preferable if possible)? Hope this helps!

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Thanks a lot for the quick answer. I was surprised that I couldn’t load transparency as Alpha and thought I may be missing something. Regardless, glad to know it’s getting implemented. Great work so far, I’m looking forward for that update, I can’t wait to get rid of Intel’s toolset…

As for mips, in my opinion it would be great to have the option to load them either in one texture or in separate layers, like the old NVTT. The current behavior is not a deal-breaker by any means, but it can be a useful feature.

Thanks again, keep up the good work and have a nice day!

Hi makuusleepwalker,

We just released version 2020.1.3 of the Texture Tools Exporter today, which adds the ability in the reader to load transparency as an alpha channel, and to load mipmaps as separate layers! We load mipmaps from bottom to top, so that if you load an opaque image with loading mipmaps enabled and then export it out again you should get the same result. Both of these are now controlled by a new dialog box that shows up when you load a DDS file; if you want to save a set of defaults, you can uncheck the “Show this dialog” checkbox - and if you want to, you can re-enable the dialog box from the plugin’s About box (Help > About Plug-ins > DDS - NVIDIA Texture Tools Exporter in Photoshop).

For more information about what else has changed in this version, please see the release notes at https://developer.nvidia.com/nvidia-texture-tools-exporter.

Hope this helps!

Hi there, thanks for the fix! I think that’s a good way of handling mips & transparency, good job on this release. I’m going to download it right now!