Nv_wrapper for ISP config file

Hello everybody
Can you explain me,what is nv_wrapper??
Do you use nv_wrapper for creation ISP config file??
i saw it, camera_overrides.isp
in this link::
Can you guide me , or you introduce a guide document about it for me,
thanks alot

nv_wrapper is a proprietary tool that is not available to the general public. Jetson Camera Partners, like D3, have access to this tool and others for optimizing camera processing.


Thanks Greg for restating this.
I do consider Jetson Partners as champions able to tune a sensor to its best.
NVIDIA may provide proprietary tools for this.
I think there should be ways for protecting IPs with this.

However, as a hobbyist, I sometimes feel frustrated I get a race car for image processing but lack an approved driver…
I mean : I understand I would need a skilled driver if I want to challenge Daytona or North NĂĽrburgring and hopefully Jetson Partners are here for this.
However, for the CountryMan…a tool for experimenting himself would be appreciated.
At first, a config doing nothing (or just debayering) and letting user just use v4L controls would be helpful.

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I can definitely appreciate your point of view and I really enjoyed your analogy! :)

There are default ISP parameters built into the system. The tuning files override defaults. Without doing anything you’ll get debayering. What you won’t get is a camera specific color correction, lens corrections, optical black, and more. Put another way you’ll benefit from the ISP but it won’t be optimal.

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