NV12 to NV12 in a single rendering call

I got a Jetson TX2 to play around with.

I get camera images that are NV12 format. I use opengl/egl for adding some effects. I’m doing off-screen rendering and would like to also output NV12 surfaces in the same way as they come in. Currently I’m doing this in 2 render calls. One for Y as an R texture, and UV as an RG texture.

Having to do it in this manner kind of annoys me, and I’ve been looking into the possibilities of doing it in a single render call. So far I’ve found two extensions that might help:

EXT_YUV_target , and EGL_EXT_yuv_surface

I have also looked at EGL_NV_stream_consumer_gltexture, but I do not currently have a setup which utilizes EGLStreams.

Is this feasible with these extensions, or do you have any other ideas I might want to check out? Being relatively new to OpenGL and really don’t know my way around using new extensions that well, I wanted to ask here before wasting time on something that might not even be practically possible.