Nv3dsink error when capturing videos using gstreamer on Jetson Orin

Dear Developers,
As we know, the new Jetpack using nv3dsink plugin to replace nvoverlaysink when using gstreamer on Jetson Orin, while when we using nv3dsink with a command line: “”, it report an error. And when we using nv3dsink in a Qt project, we found we cannot bind the output window with a Qt Widget using “gst_video_overlay_set_window_handle”. How do we use nv3dsink differently from previous plugins?

The plugin is tested and verified with X11. May not work properly with other GUI system. Since it is open source, you can download and build the plugin on your own. And try to enable it in QT.

You may also try nveglglessink or nvdrmvideosink(in non-GUI environment)

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