NVAPI compilation error

Hello everybody, recently bought a NVIDA 3D VISION glasses kit

Want it being used in other programs, so to download the NVAPI

But when I started compiling, there will be a lot of error messages


Later, I added two lines in NvApiDriverSettings.c code

include <wchar.h>

include “nvapi.h”

But the compiler error message, or after


Currently stuck in here, this program is to control what part??

Please can you suggest any of you are, thanks

I’m trying to write a simple code for getting some information from my GPU (NVidia Geforce 760 GTX) such as temperature using NVAPI.
I started with CUDA sample codes. Maybe you see these sample codes provided by NVidia. I copied one of the sample codes (‘CUDA Samples\v6.5\0_Simple\vectorAdd’) to write in this sample. I copied all of ‘.h’ files of NVAPI to ‘CUDA Samples\v6.5\common\inc’ and copied ‘nvapi.lib’ to ‘CUDA Samples\v6.5\common\lib\Win32’ and copied ‘nvapi64.lib’ to ‘CUDA Samples\v6.5\common\lib\x64’.
I preformed these copies to ‘C:\Program Files\CUDA\v6.5\include’ and ‘C:\Program Files\CUDA\v6.5\lib’.

But when I build my code I received these errors:

Error 28 error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol NvAPI_GPU_GetThermalSettings referenced in function...
Error 29 error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol NvAPI_GPU_GetFullName referenced in function...
and some similar errors.