NVAPI I2CRead thermal sensor on M2090

Two questions:

Does the Tesla M2090 have an ADT7473 sensor accessible by I2C?
Can the NVAPI I2C Read api access the GPU / Sensor temp?

I must admit am struggling to understand the NV_I2C_INFO structure and the web seems low on examples.


The M2090 is a passive cooled server card and is not supported by GetThermalSettings.
It expects temps to be monitored by server hardware.
I have been able to read the temp from the GF110 GPU register 020400 using winio but would like to get something working using the smbus to manage cooling in a workstation. Current setup needs work as I can run for about 5 minutes flat out before I get to 90C and bail.

I am out of my depth so any help is very much appreciated