NvAPI_Mosaic_GetSupportedTopoInfo not working with a single Quatro k5000 and 2 monitors.

I want to set up programmatically a mosaic configuration. I’m trying to get the supported mosaic topologies on a computer using one Quatro k5000 and 2 identical monitors connected to the DVI ports. The computer is running windows 8.1 64 bits and NVIDIA Drivers 340.84. The returned number of Topologies Briefs and Display Settings by NvAPI_Mosaic_GetSupportedTopoInfo is always equal to zero. Although, mosaics configurations are supported on my system. I can set up a Mosaic from NVDIA Control Panel.

This is how I’m trying to get the possible topologies :

NvAPI_Status ret = NVAPI_OK;
ret = NvAPI_Initialize();
// ...
ret = NvAPI_Mosaic_GetSupportedTopoInfo(&topoInfo, NV_MOSAIC_TOPO_TYPE_BASIC);
// topoInfo.topoBriefsCount = 0 and topoInfo.displaySettingsCount = 0

Is this a bug? How can I get around this problem and set a mosaic configuration?


Hi RoyalGuindon,

Did you ever solve this issue? Im having the same problem on my Windows 8.1 64 bit machine with a k5200.


Hi everyone,

I’ve the same problem with a P4000 Quadro Card, connected with 2 Full-HD projectors.

I want to set up a 1x2 BASIC MOSAIC using C++ NVAPI, but NvAPI_Mosaic_GetSupportedTopoInfo always returns
// topoInfo.topoBriefsCount = 0 and topoInfo.displaySettingsCount = 0

The code is the same reported above by RoyalGuindon.