NVAPI not working on non-GRID driver

We use machines on AWS using NVidia Tesla T4 graphics cards. On AWS, we have access to NVIdia’s GRID drivers and we were using NVAPI on these machines to set a custom resolution. We are trying to remove the dependency to GRID drivers as NVAPI does not depend on these. When we try to install the regular end user drivers, the resolution change code starts to fail and the following functions return non-success statuses:

  • NvAPI_DISP_GetDisplayIdByDisplayName
  • NvAPI_DISP_EnumCustomDisplay
  • NvAPI_EnumPhysicalGPUs
    However, NvAPI_Initialize returns a success response

By the way;
The OS we’re using is Windows Server 2019
GRID driver version is 451.48
Regular end-user driver’s version is 461.33

Dear @hasancanyasar ,
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Dear @hasancanyasar ,

Our team has reviewed your concern. We need more information to be collected for further investigation.
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